Sarah, SAT student who got accepted to her top choice!
Julia, AP Biology, SAT, College Applications & College Chemistry
Georgia, 7th Grader-Gifted & Talented Program
Nico, 3rd Grader Executive Functioning


Shaneze tutored my daughter for the SAT’s during the winter of 2018.  From the start we were impressed with Shaneze’s knowledge of the material, strategies for test taking and her professional manner.  She connected with my daughter and enhanced her strengths, helping to build her confidence.  In very subtle ways, she pushed and challenged our daughter and cheered her on with every success, regardless of how small.  During a very stormy winter, Shaneze did not accept a “snow day” excuse and would instead work over facetime to keep the momentum.  After 3 1/2 months, my daughter took the SAT, and for the first time left the exam feeling good and confident.  Our daughter jumped up over 200 points on that SAT!!  We truly believe the success she had was due to the support and guidance she received from Shaneze!!” *see image below*

-Tracy Baitinger, East Hanover NJ

It was an absolute pleasure working with Shaneze.  She was approachable, flexible, responsive, reliable, encouraging, and most importantly, she really went above and beyond to find a teaching style that matched our daughter’s needs.”  

-Karen Miller, Tenafly NJ

My SAT Prep session with Shaneze was excellent. This is being written after SAT scores were received…my daughter’s scores shot up!! We knew that Shaneze helped her with confidence in taking the test and enhanced her skills, but we did not expect the jump she had in the score. Both math and verbal went up and we were so pleased. Shaneze was such an asset, we are very thankful for the experience.

-Sara Lukelt, New York NY

My son scored a 740 on the SAT Biology Subject Test! We are so very happy and thankful for all of Shaneze’s help. My son couldn’t do it without her!

-Shari N., Tenafly NJ

Shaneze helped my daughter with the SAT. My daughter went up 260 points, scoring a 1340. Shaneze also helped her with college applications, specifically her college essay. She got into her top choice! Our experience with Shaneze was wonderful, we highly recommend.”

-Natasha M., Saddle River NJ

“Shaneze is amazing. My daughter really feels she understands better and get prepared for tests and exam a lot more than just her school work. Shaneze is very patient and she wants to help the student to succeed.”

-Ofira Mor, Tenafly NJ

Words can’t express how grateful we are for Shaneze. We hired her because our 11 year old son JJ has ADHD and was struggling in his classes. When Shaneze met him, he had D’s in multiple classes and was feeling very badly about himself. We were receiving complaints from his teachers because of behavioral issues and missed assignments. Shaneze explained to us that commonly with ADHD, people struggle with executive functioning skills. My husband and I have extremely busy work schedules. Shaneze went above and beyond for our son. She instructed us to purchase a whiteboard and color coded sticky notes and folders. She helped him organize his work and each week would use the whiteboard to outline assignments and even his chores! She taught him how to set up alarms on his phone to remind himself to complete tasks. She had frequent contact with his teachers as well. JJ really benefited from those time management and organization skills that she taught him. By the end of the school year, he was on Honor Roll with all A’s. It was truly amazing. Shaneze has been such a blessing.”

-Julia Nunez, Fort Lee NJ

Shaneze helped my son, Ryan in the SAT math section. She was great, she gave him test tips and strategies that made it easier for him to understand the material. She would even give him weekly homework assignments to help reinforce topics they went over during the sessions. Ryan hit his target score and got into his top choice for college!

-Amie H., Wayne NJ