My child is struggling with his confidence, how can you help with that?

I have a Master’s in psychology and my doctorate degree will also be in psychology. I am specializing in working with kids and teenagers. I have over 12 years experience tutoring and my psychological training has been very helpful in my approach to tutoring. I’ve often seen my students suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem as a result of their academic difficulties. I work hard to build a strong, consistent, and supportive relationship with my students. Confidence cannot be given to someone, so I provide both the push and the encouragement to help students achieve small, quick successes that build confidence. The most rewarding part to me is helping a child build their self-confidence and have a belief in their capabilities.

What is your typical process for working with a new SAT student?

When working with a student on the SAT, I’ve found that the most effective approach is to do one 1.5-2 hr session each week for a minimum of 12 weeks leading up to the test date. First, I have my student complete a diagnostic test to see what their weaknesses are. I have created my own SAT test prep guide which I personalize for each of my students to strengthen those weaknesses. Each week they will receive a study schedule incorporating videos, practice questions and strategies pertaining to each topic. I also have them complete a practice test each week to build endurance and practice implementing strategies.

What results have your students seen for the SAT?

My students have seen increases of over 300 points for both math and reading sections. For students that I have only tutored the math section, my students have seen increases in over 150 points. I created my own SAT program that I use during my sessions. I also teach test-taking strategies with a focus on teaching the students how the SAT writes/words their questions. The SAT isn’t difficult but it is tricky-knowing how they can trick you is integral to improving your score.

What is your typical process for working with a new ACT student?

My approach to ACT is similar to the SAT. In general I recommend one 1.5 hour session per week for at least 10-12 weeks prior to the first test. I have my student complete a diagnostic test to see what their weaknesses are. I also assign one full-length test for the student to take each week. The ACT is very different from the SAT in terms of the questions asked and the amount of questions in each section. Since there are a lot more questions, timing is the biggest issue on the ACT. As such, for my ACT students, the focus is on timed practice and time management strategies.

What results have your students seen for the ACT?

My ACT students have seen score improvements of up to 10 points during our time together. Through individualized sessions and weekly practice, they can achieve score increases in all sections of the test.

What do you enjoy most about tutoring?

I love bonding and connecting with my students. Of all my years of tutoring, I have yet to meet anyone who was incapable of growing and learning. Often times, students don’t believe in themselves or their capabilities. My tutoring style takes into account the importance of building up a student’s confidence.

Why don’t you work with a company?

I actually work with two companies now but I am trying to increase the amount of private clients I have. If you feel more comfortable booking me through a company, feel free to check my profile below: