Howdy! My name is Shaneze (pronounced Shanese). I received my Bachelor’s from Rutgers with a double major in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. After undergrad, I attended Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School. As a result of the emphasis on pharmacology, I didn’t feel that the field was the best for me. I believe in a more holistic approach to treating patients. I withdrew from the program and I’m currently in a PhD program at Seton Hall University.  

I’ve been tutoring for over 12 years (since my junior year in high school) for students ranging in ages 8-25, in math, science, and standardized tests. In undergrad, I tutored science/pre-med majors and as a result of my students excelling, I was offered a position to be a part-time Biology professor at Rutgers. I have also aided students in the college admissions process, particularly helping students write their college essays. I have served on student admissions committees for undergrad and grad programs (PhD & M.D), so I have a thorough understanding for what admissions committees are looking for. 

Since I’vs started tutoring, I’ve worked with hundreds of students. My students have seen increases of up to 300 points for the SAT and up to 10 points for the ACT. I have helped students hit target scores and get accepted to their top choices. My students have been accepted to Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Duke, UPenn, UCLA, Emory, Hopkins, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Texas-Austin, UC Berkeley and Rutgers.